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What We Do

Want to turn your residence into a place of refuge and complete comfort? GCC Designs excels at taking the remodeling ideas from your mind and putting them down on paper to create a vision even better than you had imagined. We will even supervise your construction team for optimal results. You can count on us to be reliable, responsive, and respectful at every stage.

Interior Remodeling

  • Floor Plans & House Drawings
  • ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) Drawings
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels
  • Master Bedroom Suites
  • Offices & Media/Game Rooms

Exterior Design

  • Roofing & Patios
  • Windows & Walls
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Covered Entertainment Areas
  • Garage Conversions

How We Do It

With three decades of real-world designing and building craftsmanship, GCC Designs owner Mark Greenwald is committed to cost-effectiveness, professionalism, and excellence for each and every job. His process always starts with precision planning and ends with terrific reviews from clients (see Testimonials).


A detailed plan before starting any project is critically important for the most satisfactory result.

The first step is preparation, which includes a comprehensive site survey with photo documentation, extensive measurements (topography, lot slope and size, building footprint, room dimensions, underfloor, attic, etc.), and a consultation to discuss the homeowner’s initial wishes and requirements .Next comes rough cost estimates and recommendations to improve upon the original vision or scale back, if necessary, to avoid cost over-runs or projected delays. Mark works closely with each client to ensure thatthe quality of the work is in line with their budget and timeframe.

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During the design phase, precise CAD drawings and written specifications give form to your vision for plans and permits, with client input and sign-off at each step. Many people find it difficult to visualize what their completed project will look like until they see the blueprints taking shape. Upon completion, these drawings not only document the owner’s wishes for contract purposes, but they provide the contractor with a clear understanding of what needs to be done. Copies are also submitted to the City of residence for building permits.

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GCC Designs will serve as your project manager, supporting the general contractor and interfacing with engineers, energy consultants, and subcontractors as necessary. Although construction management services vary according to the needs of each project, in general, our team watches and guides contractors during execution of the work to ensure that everything is done as designed. We regularly update clients with progress reports, handle troubleshooting, and consult with them if larger issues arise for a smooth, timely process.

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Featured Service: Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) & Garage Conversion Floor Plans and Drawings

ADUs are free standing or attached structures that can be lived in. ADUs are built for Rental Income during retirement living, living space when renting out home, or during assisted living for Elderly Parents. The first action is to create ADU Floor Plans and budget for these expenses as ADUs can be costly to build.

ADU - Accessory Dwelling Unit
  • Creating an ADU will vary based upon the needs of the occupant(s). From a 400 sq ft to a 1,200 sq ft design, the floorplans must share mostly the same things: laundry area (in the bathroom if a small footprint), dining space (even if it’s 2 chairs and a small table), the bathroom(s), kitchen, family room area, and the bedroom(s). Many cities want the unit to look just like the house with same roof style and wall finishes outside. If possible, we try to put the furnaces in the attic with a condensing unit outside.

  • Energy usage is key: it must be efficient! Thicker walls with more insulation, reflective roofing materials, vinyl windows with 2 panes and UV protection, tankless water heaters, and LED lighting. Note that these units are considered new homes and must have solar panels installed before the Certificate of Occupancy can be issued (rent or own them). These ADUs aren’t typically that big so not as many solar panels are required as for a house. If there is room in the budget, we call out 9 ft tall walls for a better feel of spaciousness, and truss roofs with storage space in the attic.

Designs and drawings for Plans & Permits for an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) are important for visualizing and communicating the design of the structure. Here are some common types of drawings for an ADU:

  • Site plan

    This is a bird's eye view of the property that shows the placement of the ADU in relation to the main house, the lot lines, and any existing structures or landscape features. The site plan also includes information about parking, setbacks, and utilities.
  • Floor plans

    These drawings show the layout of each floor of the ADU and include information about the dimensions of the rooms, the location of doors and windows, and any built-in features like cabinets or closets
  • Elevations

    These drawings show the exterior of the ADU from different angles, including front, back, and side views. The elevations include details about the height and width of the structure, the placement of doors and windows, and any exterior finishes or materials.
  • Sections

    These drawings show a cut-away view of the ADU that reveals the interior structure, including the framing, insulation, and other details. Sections can help clarify how different parts of the ADU will be constructed.
  • Details

    These drawings show specific details of the ADU, such as the design of a staircase or the placement of a window. Details are often included in other drawings but may be shown separately to provide additional clarity.

All of these drawings are important for ensuring that the ADU is built to code, meets the needs of the owner, and is visually appealing. A licensed designer can create these drawings for you and work with you to refine the design of your ADU.

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