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Why does one need drawings?

To allow a builder or person’s doing the work to understand what needs to be done.
Documents what the owner wants for contract purposes.
Cities want to know what’s being done for many reasons:
+ Safety
+ Assess for violating City, State, and Federal rules
+ Collect money for operating budget via permit fees
To estimate how much it will cost.

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Why does one need planning?

To avoid cost over runs.
To ensure what is wanted matches with ones budget
To ensure the time to do the work matches the desired time frame
To ensure the quality of the work is in line with what one can afford
Some people can’t visualize what the project will look like.

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What GCC designs does

Goes to home or site to measure: under floor, attic, lot size, etc..
Photo documents for accuracy
Talks to you to get requirements and wishes documented
Advise: 25 yrs in building and designing in the real world
Estimate costs in rough scale
Drawings done in short steps with approval on each step
Submits to City for permit and approval. Copies and files to you.

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